Did Someone Say Butter Jade?

Earrings, necklaces, playful pendants, rings and the odd bangle or three – we’ve got all the jewellery your wardrobe’s been craving.

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Need a precious pendant to live up to that dress. Here it is – the Evie Pendant EN1482 made from genuine Butter Jade with a burnished silver leaf detail.

Butter Jade, also known as African Jade, is an ancient stone found in the greenstone belt of Southern Africa. This stone is typically around 50 million years old. It is a creamy, green/yellow semi-precious stone. Slight variations in size are normal. Inclusions are characteristic of the unique charm of all semi-precious stones.

It is an amazing feeling holding a stone of such an incredible age in your hand.

The perfect pendant – 70’s style with a chic twist.

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Let’s start with this True Charmer necklace N1780 – it’s the perfect balance between versatility and good looks. Total chain length is 75cm and it comes with an extender chain. This long length flatters like no other and is oh-so-easy to wear with the Evie pendant EN1482. This all means you can wear it your way.

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This eye catching set is an instant new season update. Add a contemporary touch with our soft metallic bronze leather necklace N1084. Total length is 40cm and it comes with an extender chain.

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Pair the fine leaf detail of the Evie pendant with these E3365 leaf stud earrings. Add an easy elegance to your everyday look now. Show these off with side-swept hair.

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The Nautical bangles B1337 work beautifully on their own or as a stack. This set guarantees luxe layering for every day.

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Divine simplicity – the Spirited Away wrap ring RR235.

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The Cleo necklace N1856 is a handmade chain with mixed links – total chain length is 47cm and it comes with an extender chain – and is perfect to wear on its own or better still combined with a pendant. At Miglio we’re big fans of attention-grabbing pendants.

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You know you’ll look great!

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