• Precious Moments For Loving


    “Designing irresistible jewellery that makes every woman look and feel fabulous is my passion” – Jenny Miller

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  • HELLO 2017!


    So what is going to make this year different? What differences do you want to make in your own life, in the lives of others and for our own planet?

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  • Things to be thankful for…

    With the holiday season fast approaching, we’re taking the time to step back, look at the bigger picture and try to see things from a different perspective rather just being stuck in the daily grind.

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  • transparent production

    Who made my jewellery?

    Just take a second today to think of where your jewellery was made. Look at the necklace that lies so close to your heart and the rings that you slip onto your digits every day. Do you know where the journey started?

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  • What jewellery, What neckline

    What jewellery, what neckline? PART ONE


    Have you ever put on an outfit and tried on a necklace or earrings, and something just says to you… NO! So the necklace or earrings come off, and you walk out the house missing some precious jewellery that could do wonders for your appearance.

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  • My Favourite Colour


    Does My Favourite Colour Make Me Boring? Oh no, we certainly hope not! We don’t do boring and we are huge fans of colour. We want you to love colour just as much as we do so we’ve taken a little look at what to pair with your favourites…

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  • Miglio bloggers

    When bloggers meet


    Maybe you didn’t know this about us, but we love bloggers… wait sorry, we mean… we REALLY love bloggers! And yesterday was our lucky day! We had the best kind of fun playing host to a wonderful group of stylish bloggers.

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  • It’s all shaped up


    This is a new feature that we’ve decided to include in our blog – style and shape advice! Discover expert body shape advice just for you, plenty of stunning jewellery inspiration and hand-on style tips from our fabulous fashion ambassadors. Be sure to contact us for your closest concept store, stockist or personal stylist.

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  • Jewellery Cleaning


    Keeping your bling favourites like new for longer. Our casual to work to party pieces often need a little tlc. Simply wash & wear with the Miglio Jewellery cleaning liquid or gel. Even easier – buff to a great shine using the Metal or Pearl polishing cloth!

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