Our Gabriella Collection is a celebration of brighter and bolder femininity, of merging worldly cultures, a melting pot of South African energy and Cuban romanticism…


Our Gabriella collection features our Fiery Coral Stone Salsa Pendant and Earrings, as unique as the ever evolving dance, constantly changing, never the same. Each coral stone, weaved with an intricate marbling in deep reds and coral hues, is one-of-a-kind. Your Salsa piece is truly yours alone.


Old world charm meets strong modern lines in our Havana bracelets. Inspired by the bustling city, the fusion of elements blend, like the cultures, into an enticing tapestry. Worn alone or paired together, these styles are designed to captivate.


Take charge of the room with our Reflection Pendant as the Light Azure Swarovski® crystal radiates the remaining light from it’s bold setting. Paired with a Minimalist Necklace, and Reflection earrings, the striking piece does all the talking. Let our Spanish blues take you away into the night.


Whispers of Cuban romanticism, delicate yet fierce. You know what you want and why. You are powerful, yet intuitive, moved by the arts, yet steadfast. Our Aleja styles are designed for you.


Turquoise semi-precious stones meet ornate burnished silver elements, bold glass stones meet delicate Swarovski® crystals. Our Gabriella necklace was designed to embrace the essence of femininity, a necklace full of contrast yet perfect harmony.


Created with an ode to classic design, yet effortlessly modern, our jewellery uses only the finest elements to create pieces that complement your every move.


Our Gabriella collection was designed with powerful women in mind, women who know who they are and what they want. You are our inspiration and the reason we create the jewellery we do. Take charge and shine in the hot coral, dreamy turquoise and Spanish blues of the Gabriella Collection.

You define your style, you define your life, you define your way.



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