Become a Miglio Jewellery Stylist

If you love fashion, styling and helping women feel and look fabulous!

  •    Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game.


    Miglio is redefining a category that has stayed the same for far too long…     Party Plan – after all it came from the 1950’s. 


    We have designed a jewellery stylist business that keeps up with the changing lifestyle of today’s customer.

    Every stylist wants to build a business which will make them money, to be able to do it quickly and with as little effort as possible.

    In short, they want a simple solution. We have kept it simple.

    We believe in discount not commission – you shouldn’t have to wait for your money. Get paid immediately on every order you place.

    Research shows that 90% of female shoppers choose to buy from women-owned businesses. Now that’s power with a capital P!

    Your story is unique, your jewellery should be too…


    Love sharing style with the flexibility of working from home?


    Ready to start your Miglio adventure as a stylist?