• Open your own Miglio Jewellery Style Bar

    We are seeking new franchise partners to open Miglio Jewellery Style Bars across the globe.

    Do you have a passion for jewellery? Do you believe that jewellery is about attitude and not age? Then you’ve come to the right place.

    Why Miglio?

    Miglio is the solid, established international brand that you’ve been searching for. With over 30 years in the jewellery manufacturing industry, we are a team that you can believe in and we are here to ensure your step into owning a jewellery style bar is your the best one yet!

    We have a sense for jewellery design that makes it possible to vary in style and look and to always be ahead of the continuously changing fashion industry. Our jewellery is versatile, contemporary and of rich quality. Women, who love Miglio, really love Miglio. They will keep coming back, knowing they will find consistent signature elements.

  • What we offer you:

    • We seek to go above and beyond for you
    • We provide a customised store design
    • We provide comprehensive support and training for you and your staff
    • You will have access to a fully-fledged online ordering system
    • All product can be purchased directly from the factory in South Africa
    • Good logistics with a manufacturing order cycle of under three weeks
    • We offer competitively priced jewellery
    • Regular new jewellery collections ensuring constant excitement and newness in your store
    • Effective marketing planning and quality visual merchandise

    Miglio offers you a vertically integrated business model that underpins high margins and enables Miglio to stay on-trend by being highly responsive to customer demands.

  • What would your Jewellery Style Bar look like?

    • Inviting, friendly, fresh and light
    • Well laid out store design with large, glass store front
    • Modern displays that highlight the jewellery
    • Jewellery Style Bars will reshape the traditional jewellery store atmosphere
    • A true experience centre

    Personal Commitment

    We believe that your personal commitment to your future is what will make your Miglio Jewellery Style Bar a success. We are looking for initiative, enthusiasm and passion for giving women the creative means to style their wardrobes. We find this in the people who are ready to make a personal investment that can grow. Invest in Miglio’s global vision and you will make future worth sharing in.

    Go on and open one!