Rati’s captivating presence recently graced the pages of our Vintage Rose and Tiger Lily Collections, and you’d be forgiven (for just a second) for noticing her above the Miglio she was wearing.  

Rati manages a successful modelling career, alongside studying for a Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Relations, as well as Sociology and says she is really surprised to find herself in a position where she is considered a public figure and social media influencer. 


“I came to realise the impact and influence I had on young girls three years ago, when I started receiving a lot of messages from young girls thanking me for posts about bullying on social media and finding the strength to love themselves despite others. I realised it wasn’t only the glitz and glamour my followers were after, and started to use my platform as a means to tackle issues in society that nobody really spoke of – perhaps because they were scared, lacked interest or were worried about what other people would think and say.”

“I now post openly about domestic abuse and violence; it is a topic which was not only occurring in my life, but which is also very prevalent in society and often goes unaddressed. I have been in an abusive relationship myself and for a long time I was too quiet about it. It’s an issue that is swept under the carpet all too often. Women are abused, raped and murdered worldwide, particularly in South Africa it isn’t talked about enough and the officials and authorities in charge take little action. Knowing how painful it is to go through such an ordeal, once I was strong enough and had healed from the trauma, I decided to go public with it in a series of posts dedicated to uplifting and empowering women and giving a voice to the voiceless.”

“Immediately after that, many women, both young and old reached out to me telling me their stories and sharing their experiences.”


“Being a social media influencer to me is not just about all the glamorous aspects of being a public figure. To me, it is about using the platform I have to try make a change in the lives of other people – be it in a large or small way, using my platform to address issues that others are too scared to address. I do post about other things I am interested in, whether it is fashion, music, art or culture. I think it is important to have a good balance”.


“What I really love about the Miglio brand is the fact that it is a local designer jewellery brand based just outside of Cape Town. In today’s age, many of the clothes, shoes and accessories we buy are from abroad, most being mass-produced in the east. I am obsessed with Miglio’s plain burnished silver snake chain – it is simple, plain and elegant, complimenting my personal style perfectly.  Miglio jewellery is beautifully handcrafted, the designs are unique and I’m always impressed with the level of care that goes into each piece. In every Miglio collection there is such diversity; styles that can be worn as your everyday go-to pieces and the statement styles that can be worn to the most glamorous evening events. To me, this diversity is key, and that is something I just love about the Miglio brand.” 


“I believe that people should do what they love and what they are passionate about. I feel very strongly about the empowerment of women and promoting equality. Long term I’d love to get involved in human rights work, ideally working with an organisation such as the United Nations. I take my position as a social media influencer and role model to young girls very seriously and feel very fortunate to be in the position I am in.”

“I’m looking to inspire females all around the world to empower one another and to become independent. I believe that you are never too old or too young to chase after your dreams.” 

Rati’s motto in life, “By grace through faith” is evident in the way she conducts herself and the lasting impression she leaves on those that surround her. 

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