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Meet Candice Abrahams, Mrs South Africa 2016 – fashionista mama to the nation!

Wife, mom, model and Miglio style queen, Candice Abrahams, is in China right now preparing for the gala Mrs Globe event. If she wins it, our bright-eyed brunette will be officially Mother Earth!
When Candice Abrahams entered the Mrs South Africa pageant she had to give up her privacy, her family, her cell phone, and her name. At home in Honeydew, Johannesburg, her proud hubby and kids patiently waited while mom did her thing. And then kapow! She came home as Mrs South Africa 2016.


“We had rehearsed every part of that evening, except the part where they call out your name. I went blank. I still can’t recall much of that evening – it really was an out-of-body experience.”

The very model of a model mom!

Candice Abrahams was crowned Mrs South Africa 2016 at Emperors Palace, Gauteng, in a spectacular show on the 9 October 2015. Not only is she a talented title taker, model and fashion blogger, she’s also a wife to radio personality Ismail Abrahams and a mom to Samia, 10 and Taai, 5.


When she’s up on stage or smiling for the cameras it’s hard to believe that this glossy, fashionista will kick off her heels, unpin her hair and open her arms wide for her family when she gets home.

Candice bases her own child care formula on the idea that we should groom and empower our children to be greater adults and they must know that circumstances should not define who they are and want to be.

‘Who knew that a girl from a small community would one day make it as a Miss South Africa finalist and that was me. Now as As Mrs South Africa, I have a second chance to live my dream, to educate, empower and encourage”.

Her formula for a happy life

When she’s not posing for cameras or playing mom’s taxi, she actually makes time for a few hobbies. Candice spends hours reading and weekends usually revolve around a picnic planned with her family and she and her husband keep the spark of romance alive with weekly date nights.

She has a svelte, well-kept figure which does take a bit of work to keep toned. Along with dancing and yoga, Candice has found that boxing classes really give her a fabulous workout and of course, she can look after herself, so watch out any lurkers!


“I love boxing for fun! It’s a great way to relieve stress and the bonus is keeping fit and toned. Afterall, happy wife, happy life!”

I bet you will never guess what Candice‘s big weakness is? Wait for it:” I love karaoke — I can sing non-stop and I believe I have a backing vocal voice!”

Passion for fashion

Fashion is really Candice’s passion and she has a created a fashion blog to share her ideas with women out there.

“I post up my outfit looks of the day and I also give my readers tips on how to coordinate or put together an outfit or a look.”

Check out Basics by Candice on Facebook and see what she’s all about.

More than just fashion

Candice is a mother and wife so she sees way beyond tiaras and titles. She’s aware that not everything is sunshine and roses, so Candice supports many charities but the one that really grabs her is CANSA ( Cancer Association of South Africa). “ We lost my mom-in-law to cancer so it’s very personal for me. I raised funds for CANSA as a Mrs SA finalist and I will carry on doing so during my reign and also trying to create as much awareness as I can.”

Here’s a thought…

When you see her waving and blowing kisses to an adoring crowd do you wonder how she does it? Does it all come naturally or does she have to work at it, steel herself, push herself?

Her journey towards the crown has really been a blossoming and growth of her own personality and learning to empower herself by stepping out of her comfort zone.


“That was hard for me, because I am truly a very shy person and I have had to push myself to the limit to get over it but now that I have, I can also use my own experience to help others do the same.”

Candice is dead set on encouraging and motivating young girls to be all and more than they think they can be.

“There is never enough you can do to improve yourself, for as long as you live. You just need to know how to unlock all that potential inside you.”


You, only much better

She is very down-to-earth and is not afraid to bring certain problems out into the open. One of the horrors during her young years was being bullied because of her low self-esteem. Even now she gets the odd twinge or two. Now Candice is an outspoken critic against any form of bullying and that’s what sparked one of her dreams to open a grooming school to give girls the confidence to be the best version of themselves.

“Let’s face it — you can do almost anything if you know who you are and are not afraid to let others know it too. Believe in you.”

Candice firmly believes many girls sabotage themselves and actually cut down their own chances of success by not knowing how to handle themselves. She’s on a mission to change that.

“Strength to me is never giving up. I am inspired by strong-willed, hardworking and passionate driven women like my mom and sister who strive to be the best they can under any circumstances.”

One thing is for sure, whatever Candice turns her mind to she will make it work one way or another. So here’s wishing her the stars and the moon but most of all a wonderful year here with you and all of us at Miglio. Go girl!


As a Miglio ambassador, Candice will not be short of baubles, bling and beautiful things when she struts her stuff in China. She has a suitcase full of our latest offerings. Check out what she’s choosing to show off every day at #migliostyle

We’ve made it playful!

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