Clever Layering

Racy rose gold. Check. Sassy silver. Check.

Get into the biker babe vibe with a naughty, but very nice mix of metals and leathers from the newest Miglio collection, Alchemy.

Let’s go neck and neck

Necklaces are the centrepiece of this brand, giving you a signature stylish edge that makes a bold statement, but is still wearable, everyday jewellery. Want to add some extra punch to your wardrobe? Just slip these lovelies on your neck for instant glam.

After seasons of larger-than-life jewellery pieces, Miglio is trending by downsizing for summer with lots of eye-catching options for that all-important sensuous décolleté.


All the glory goes to clever layering. Layer several pieces at once and make a big impact by varying the lengths of your necklaces or pick your pendants to suit the different proportions of your neckline.

Versatility – that’s the name of the game. Alchemy’s collection of interchangeable necklaces means you will always have something new and exciting to draw attention to your neckline while easily coordinating with any outfit. The Serendipity necklaces are your accessory quick-change-artists!

Just think of it as the ultimate transformation – one necklace, many ways and a new you, every time!

Penchant for pendants

Fun, funky biker-chic pendants that make you look oh-so-glam and decadent are the secret to awesome accessorising with your Serendipity necklace.


Our range of switchable pendants is extensive and offers you the perfect finish for every occasion and outfit. We want you to have fun and experiment with your very own pairings. You do all the fine-tuning and customise your necklace by adding various pendants. Key into your inner karma chameleon and just keep changing!

Ever-changing treasures – that’s what Alchemy is all about.

Just so you know…

Each Alchemy necklace is actually handmade with love and care so that each piece is a little work of art all on its own. We use multiple materials and a mix of vintage glamour and modern flare to create a balance of luxury, fashion and utility.


The curves and lines of the metals are coaxed into shape and then they come alive with the fire of Swarovski® crystals and finally suspended like stars from slinky leather thongs.

We’ve made it playful…..

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