Fire & Ice

Silver is cool and calculating, an impossibly stylish metal that says it all. Then there’s rose gold. A really pretty and precious little metal that is playful and so easy to wear. It’s softer than the other metals but still has that glorious glow deep inside, like the embers of a perfect fire, warm and cosy, intimate and rosy.

Rose gold is a romantic and warm metal that’s perfect for festive dressing and holiday wear. It looks so chic and glossy standing out against black, works like a dream with pastels adding a beautiful depth and it’s just superbly striking with the starkness of white. Team rose gold with Swarovski® and you’ve got crown jewels of your own!


“Women are becoming more experimental with their jewellery choices and when you blend different metals together, there’s something very attractive and accessible about it,” says Jenny Miller, CEO and Creative Director of Miglio.


The perfect present

Miglio has created a really exceptional range of mixed metal jewellery that is very much a must-have on any Christmas gift list. It’s ideal as it suits everyone and will complement most looks the lucky recipient will have in her wardrobe. Think outside the trinket box this Christmas. It’s the season for statement jewellery with bold accents and powerful shapes. Think no further. Miglio has it all.


Just remember … Whichever way you choose to mix your metals, be bold and be creative when you express yourself with Miglio jewellery. Golden rules are made to be broken and silver linings are always welcome. Enjoy your metal explorations and happy treasure hunting!

We’ve made it playful…

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