Flawless Swarovski

Miglio Designer Jewellery is created using only genuine Swarovski® crystals. The name Swarovski embodies innovation and excellence and these crystals have an irresistible magnetism.

Swarovski was founded in Austria in 1895 by bohemian inventor, Daniel Swarovski. His unique machine for cutting and polishing crystal jewellery stones revolutionised the fashion world. Swarovski has grown to become the world’s leading producer of precision cut crystals and is recognized for its innovative excellence and collaborations with top-class designers and brands across the globe.

Miglio was proud to participate in their exclusive ‘2014 World Jewellery Facets’ exhibition.


Available in a myriad colours, effects, shapes and sizes, crystals from Swarovski® offer designers a fabulous palette of inspiration and are produced according to the innovative, lead-free* Advanced Crystal standard.


Crystals are placed into our jewellery by hand using a carefully crafted and perfected glue made by Swarovski®, ensuring that every stone sits firmly in its setting.


Types of cuts:

1. Oval Cut: Facetted oblong crystal with round ends. Sixteen top facets and sixteen facets underneath

2. Square Cut: Square crystal with additional faceting increasing light distribution and enhancing its depth and brilliance

3. Rivoli Cut: Interesting and unusual cut, facetted on both top and bottom. We have showcased this signature Swarovski® sparkle in our new designs.

4. Heart Cut: Beautiful nine facetted precision cut heart-stone forming part of the Swarovski® Elements Collection

5. Brilliant Cut: Round crystal with 16 facets around a flat table surrounded by 16 acute angled facets from underneath. This is found on bigger crystals.


Born out of a passion for detail and high-precision cutting, these precious ingredients impart refined glamour to everything they embellish.

Enhancing your life beautifully…

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