How to style Animal Prints now!

Everybody’s wearing animal print

If there’s one piece you buy make it the True Gem Necklace!

N1996 – True Gem Necklace – R699 AUD$99 £55

A beguiling leather necklace displaying four perfectly round ring pendants that are framed with delicate Swarovski® crystals,wrapped in printed faux fur

E4241True Gem Hoop Earrings – R899 AUD$119 £65

Wear with flirty Swarovski® crystal hoops

Walk on the wild side

Not just for going out! Even if you’re just grabbing coffee with a friend.

Rock this print from head to toe with the most versatile crystal necklace.

Can be worn long or short. Great for daytime outfits that are chic and playful

N2005 – Mozaic Crystal Necklace – R999 AUD$159 £75

The Mozaic Crystal Necklace includes a pendant that can be clipped on and off

E2846 – Petite Temptation Drop Earrings – R399 AUD$59 £35

Flaunt it!

Less is more

Choose only one animal print per look.

Here we’ve paired a striking Zebra print dress with classic luxe pearls and crystals.

Ready to experiment? You’ll have more fun when you wear something wild!

N2006 – Amour Pearl Necklace – R1,299 AUD$199 £125

Lustrous shell pearl necklace with heart and key charms

Wear it with

E2850 – Touch Of Sparkle Drop Earrings – R499 AUD$69 £45

For Stylish Work Days

Harmonize and balance a cheeky animal print jumpsuit with carefully chosen jewellery in neutral tones.

All of the new Far Away styles are very versatile and easy to combine.

Guarenteed to take you away on vacation even when you are in the concrete jungle.

All you need is a little attitude!


Mix n Match

Whatever you choose get ready to turn heads!

E4451 – Far Away Earrings – R199 AUD$39 £18


N2007 – Far Away Necklace – R499 AUD$69 £40

B1517 – Far Away Stretch Bracelet –  R399  AUD$59  £30


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