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This is a new feature that we’ve decided to include in our blog – style and shape advice! Discover expert body shape advice just for you, plenty of stunning jewellery inspiration and hand-on style tips from our fabulous fashion ambassadors. Be sure to contact us for your closest concept store, stockist or personal stylist.

Here goes…

How do you style jewellery with a large bust?

Have you been blessed with a gorgeous figure and want to know how to flaunt it and dress it up? In our shape advice blog, you will find the best practical tricks and tips on how to make the most of your fabulous body.

A little expert knowledge and smart styling can do wonders when it comes to accentuating your assets. First things first, the most important tip to remember is that you shouldn’t cover up or conceal! Choose flattering or draped cuts and fabrics. Tops or dresses with a V-neck line visually elongates the neck and bust area creating a feminine and stylish décolleté.

The perfect necklace would be one that follows your V-shaped top, but it shouldn’t be too short. If the necklace is too short, it may break that area up and not elongate and we don’t want that! You can add a pendant to flatter and elongate the area too.
If longer length necklaces are your kind of style, then opt for one that fits just above your waist line – choose a sleek style without a pendant.

Here are our top picks to elongate your neckline…

Miglio Shape Advice

You can wear this necklace long or you can double it up for a short look and add a bracelet (B1325) for a bit of extra length. Remember, we don’t want to cut that area in half!

Miglio Shape Advice

N1722 plus bracelet B1338
Add the matching bracelet (B1338) for that elongating factor that your neckline will adore!

Miglio Shape Advice

N1702 plus bracelet B1330
Pretty in pink! These dusty rose quartz stones are to just to die for, and also great for your neckline. Add the matching bracelet (B1330) for the length!

Miglio Shape Advice

Be sure to layer this necklace with N1609! Long layers equal the perfect neckline…

We’ve made it playful…

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