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FASHION EDIT – Lay it on with leather

If there’s one trend that will define the season, it’s layering. We’re so into it — from top to toe, there are bits and pieces to add and play around with, giving you a never-ending supply of interesting and different ways to wear your wardrobe.


So if you can imagine the same applies to jewellery, then you’re on the brink of a whole new exciting evolution of accessorising.

As you know, Miglio is always hot on the heels of the next trend to explode onto the scene and modern glamour with a 70s twist is what it’s all about for the upcoming holiday and festive season. The rollicking world of floppy hats and hot pants and tassels are the fashion flavor of the season.


 This is where the Miglio lust-for-leather comes in…

Nappa leather cord bracelets and necklaces are fast becoming one of the hottest trends for the holidays. Everywhere you look, there are touches of leather to underline the new-look boho style which is a lot more fancy this time around.


It’s called the gypset look and it’s all about embellishing your wardrobe with a little bit of sass that is unconventional but earthy. Gypsetters are what we all can be – all you have to do is fuse the ease and nomadic style of a gypsy with the sophistication and global experience of the jet setter.


When it comes to accessorising with Boho elements, the gypset have gone beyond the old-style  anything-goes hippie feel. The move is towards a more modern and fashion-forward rendition if that irrepressible gypsy spirit.  And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or be exclusive. You can expand your horizons with the simple act of accessorising your holiday look with a little leather.

Our leather cord necklaces and bracelets have that Woodstock music festival flavor oozing out of them. Wear them piled on with your fav mixed metal and crystal  jewellery to create that iconic Boho Babe fashion flash.


They are made from genuine sewn leather and we have a huge range of colours from blue steel, jet black, metallic brown to red, light grey, cream, orange, to light metallic pink, forest green, royal blue and turquoise blue.  Wow! That’s virtually the whole rainbow you can wear right up your elbow!

So, get out there this festive season and show off your gypsy soul with Miglio!

We make it playful…

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