My Favourite Colour

Does My Favourite Colour Make Me Boring?

Oh no, we certainly hope not! We don’t do boring and we are huge fans of colour.

We want you to love colour just as much as we do so we’ve taken a little look at what to pair with your favourites…

PS: If your favourite colour doesn’t happen to pop up below, we’d love to offer you some personal styling advice! Send us an email



The neutral tones that many people run away from in fear, because… Let’s face it that it’s hard to keep these colours clean.

But a simple white or cream tee is OMG. Lather on some chains and sleek bangles for a minimalist look. Add some classic crystals to make the white pop even more!

And for any future brides out there, delicate pearls with subtle hints of crystals are always a go to.


My favourite colour

Black with a bright colour is the new black. Nothing lifts a black outfit more than a bright, bold colour and fuchsia or orange certainly do it. Layers of chain also work wonders for an edgy look, whilst also making an impact against the dark colour.



Wear your denim on denim and place a statement necklace around your collar… And voila! Coral, amethyst or tanzanite, any bright tone really and chunky chains!

Now that doesn’t mean you need wear denim like Justin and Britney did, but you can usually get away with a chambray shirt and darker denim jeans. And plus, all your beautiful jewellery will be a major talking point against the neutral tones.



A perfect neutral for any skin tone and a clear winner when it comes to pairing any jewellery pieces with it. Any colour will look fabulous with this colour way – red, coral, turquoise, pink, navy… you name it!


Because navy is also a dark tone, layers of chains work in the same way as with a black backdrop. You can grab some light blue, green, red or even classic crystals to make your navy look new.



Ahhh, chocolate… Who doesn’t love this? And yes, we may also be talking about the edible version of chocolate, not just the clothing colour! YUM! Grab your green and blue jewellery pieces; it’s time to up the ante of your rich chocolatey browns.


The key is to not go full jungle – embrace other colour ways here and throw on a turquoise necklace or pendant. If you want to wear green jewellery with dark green attire, then choose lighter tones of green like peridot or olivine green and vice versa.


My favourite colour

Berry, grape, violet, lavender, plum, lilac, and even wine… all amazing colours, and all can be worn with any purple ensemble. Tones of purple look great together and deep rich purples add just the right amount of brightness to your skin. We love the partnership of white with any shade of plum too.



You could don a nautical look with navy or blue jewellery pieces. Nautical works best in the daytime, unless you’re relaxing in the Hamptons 24-7. You could wear a completely OTT statement necklace if you’re headed out to an evening event.



50 shades of… your favourite colour? Why yes, yes there are, and maybe even more than that! Just like tan, grey is extremely versatile and we love versatility! Wear red, antique pink or even green. Go ahead, and wear what makes you happy.

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