Precious Moments For Loving


“Designing irresistible jewellery that makes every woman look and feel fabulous is my passion” – Jenny Miller

Ah Juliette, the essence of eternal beauty, eternal grace and eternal youth. When we read through Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays for inspiration, we felt truly inspired by the power that love holds. The love shared between two star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliette, the love shared between a mother and her children, even the love shared between friends. It adds vibrancy and colour to an otherwise dull world. Where there is love, there is life. Where there is life, there is Miglio.




The story of Romeo and Juliet inspires many to people to believe in love, so much so that many travellers visit Juliet’s balcony in Verona to write their names and the names of their beloved ones on the walls below, known as Juliet’s wall. Many believe that writing on the wall will make their love last a lifetime. Love can be experienced in so many different ways; we choose to do so with our jewellery.




So there could be no finer colour to use for a celebration of Valentine’s month than red. Swarovski have given us a treasure trove of ravishing red crystals which set the tone for the collection. Fall in love with the charm of red magma and garnet and try to not float away on cloud nine at the sight of jewellery that will make your heart flutter.


Maybe for some of you, you have a constant love affair with jewellery and cannot wait to get that pendant or necklace that you’ve set heart on. Our passion is designing new jewellery that you just can’t get enough of. Pining after our Passion Pendant? Have a weakness for versatility? Infatuated with good quality jewellery? You’ve come to the right brand that will bring you love everlasting.


Our Passion pendant has double clasp ensuring that your beloved pendant will stay by your side. Each piece of our jewellery is the result of patient attention to detail, craftsmanship and made in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Juliette necklace is the perfect partner for any neckline with rich garnet beads and Swarovski crystals. You can definitely wow any loved one with one of these beauties. And the best thing is… This necklace can be worn long or doubled for a shorter look, a personalised look by you.


Spoil yourself with our Cherish necklace and matching earrings. Made with lustrous mother-of-pearl charms and a keepsake key charm, these pieces are set to unlock your fascination with Miglio!


Are you more of a classic jewellery lover? We’ve got your classic covered with our Precious Basics range. These are available to purchase all year and feature those classic pearls and sleek silver that pair so well with any limited styles you fancy.


Something of true passion should be shared and cherished with those you love most dearly. And jewellery is certainly our passion. We want you to live and love your life in jewellery that is created by women, for women and our Juliette collection is for everyone who has ever had the privilege to love and be loved.


Want to take a step into a love story?


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