Pure Alchemy


Have you looked at our gorgeous new collection, Alchemy?

Who better than the equally gorgeous Bailey Nortje, the-oh-so-stunning face of Miglio, to introduce these powerful and magnetic geometric earrings paired with trendy midi rings and the hottest ear candy ever, brand new ear cuffs.

Yes, that’s Miglio for you. We never stand still and our collections are always in line with what’s new and happening and in fact, we’re mostly one step ahead!

We just love the “opposites attract” syndrome which doesn’t only work for romance – it’s sheer alchemy when you play with different jewellery styles like our bold statement earrings which are so Sixties and our futuristic ear cuffs which take earrings to another level.

Why stop there, we said. Why not take something classical and ageless and inject it with high-voltage sass?


So we let our fingers do the talking and created these rock star midi rings, one for every finger or you can stack them for a new ring on bling. The variations are endless and the fun is in the fresh new take on rings that lets you actually create your very own customised set of rings.

And if you’re wondering about the dress, well… Here’s proof that mothers and daughters share a whole lot more than love and good genes. Jenny Miller, Creative Director and CEO of Miglio, has been designing and imagining unforgettable jewellery pieces for ages and now her youngest daughter, Megan, has been well and truly bitten by the design bug, only her passion and vision runs to clothing.


She is currently studying fashion design at Elizabeth Galloway and recently won the South African Fashion Week. Student competition and her designs were showcased at the Johannesburg fashion week. But like her mom, she literally breathes creativity and has launched her very own successful fashion brand, Nette Rose.

Megan’s simple sexy shift is right on track to complement the instantly-recognisable 1960s flavour of the jewellery, but the soulful shade and feminine fabric is pure vintage. Put the two together – the in-your-face bravado of the metals and the dreamy fairy-tale quality of the fabric and you’ve got instant alchemy, yet again. A complete contradiction that produced an awesome combination.


Jenny is justly proud of her daughter’s interpretation and ability to seamlessly mold different eras into one beautiful statement of “now”. “When designing, it’s so exciting to combine and take inspiration from different eras – what is old is forever new again.”


And that’s why Miglio is always renewing and evolving its collections so you always have that flexibility to collect and add on, making your jewellery collection as personal and precious as if it were designed just for you and no one else. You can experiment with the pieces and infuse them with your own brand of Alchemy.


We’ve made it playful…

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