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Don’t you just love and lust after Miglio’s rocker pearl pieces from the Alchemy Collection?

They’re going to be a huge hit for Christmas and the party season – all that gorgeously rich Byzantine silver chain curled around big, beautiful, lustrous shell pearls. Please Santa, if you’re reading this…!

But have you ever wondered how these precious pieces are made?


Miglio is not only about fabulous fashion jewellery, it’s also about the people who actually make it all by hand.


Our team is recruited from Somerset West and surrounding local communities. Miglio is South African to the soul. We’re proud to be just one tiny cog in the machinery that provides sustainable employment for local people.

Our team members have been with us for years and in many cases we have family members joining the assembly line, passing on skills and expertise from one generation to the next.

Like the links in our chains, we have a strong attachment to each other and we’ve built up a tremendous team spirit which enables and empowers everyone to be involved in each process at Miglio. And all that pride and perfection is passed onto you when you wear a piece of our jewellery.


Miglio is a very forward-thinking company, not only when it comes to staying on-trend and setting trends, but we also like to revisit and improve our designs so that there is always an element of freshness and a touch of the unexpected in every collection.

Who doesn’t want and welcome a make-over? We’re all for reinventing ourselves. When Jenny Miller, our CEO and Creative Director, decided it was high time to revamp Miglio’s pearl and chain pairings, she turned to her clever craftspeople for inspiration.


They decided to create an eye-popping necklace by taking classic white pearls and combining them with an intricate Byzantine silver chain. Not your tweed and twinset look at all, but a very modern and dramatic necklace that was rock princess material. So the Alchemy rocker pearls were conceived…


Stringing the linked chain in amongst the pearls was the major problem. There is a very specific way that the thread has to be intertwined amongst the o-rings to incorporate all the elements and give the necklace its proper finish. Bits poking out here and blobs bobbing over there and loose links just do not exist on planet Miglio. Every piece of jewellery has to leave the factory in a perfect and pristine condition, just like fine jewellery from a goldsmith’s workbench.


If one o-ring is omitted during the stringing process, then the necklace won’t sit properly on the collar bone. It’s got to lie flat and flow easily to be flattering and comfortable. The VIO (Very Important O-ring) is the catalyst which enables this intricate chain to move itself into the most flattering position while it hugs your neckline.

Jenny decided help was needed, so who did she call?


Lissie Solomons hails from Macassar, near Somerset West, and has been crafting jewellery at Miglio for many years. She’s got a feel for sussing out metal emergencies! Lissie and the assembly team jumped to it and, drawing inspiration from a previous best-selling design, they tackled the hassle together.


The team came up with the perfect solution as they weren’t going to let a little metal link get in the way of progress. They fiddled and twiddled and tried this and that to get the twists in the chain to stay flat without flipping over. That’s no easy task as those sleek silver links have a mind of their own!

At Miglio we do not give up and finally that chain was tamed! The new Alchemy pearl collection could take shape. Big message — don’t mess with Lissie and her team!

“One has to go straight through the middle of the chain and carefully weave between the links. It looks like rocket science, but it isn’t”, says Lissie with a modest smile.


Aiding and abetting Lissie are four nimble-fingered women who are past mistresses of the art of stringing you along. They have a total of 72 years of jewellery-making experience amongst them! Ursula Lackay clocks in at a massive 24 years; Yvonne Haas is still going strong after 16 years; Geraldine Apolis is on lucky 13; Lissie is proudly in her tenth year and Minnie Philis is almost into her first decade at  nine years.

This team is living proof that keeping it all in the Miglio family really works!

So when you wear your Alchemy rocker pearls think about the hands that made them and how special they are.

Enjoy because… We’ve made it playful.

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