What jewellery, What neckline

What jewellery, what neckline? PART ONE


Have you ever put on an outfit and tried on a necklace or earrings, and something just says to you… NO! So the necklace or earrings come off, and you walk out the house missing some precious jewellery that could do wonders for your appearance.

Well that’s where we come in!

We’re starting a “what jewellery to wear with what neckline” series so you’ll get some great weekly style tips and hopefully even more inspiration with what to do with your beloved jewellery collection.

What jewellery, What neckline

So we’ll start this styling series off with one of easiest necklines to pair a necklace with and that is a simple v-neck. Not a v-neck with a collar, but a casual t-shirt.

Depending on how deep the v is of your shirt, the general rule here is that the necklace should follow the neckline of the shirt. So the higher the neckline, the shorter the necklace is and vice versa.

You do need to remember, however, that when you usually wear a shorter necklace, it tends to have a rounder appearance so to elongate the short necklace and to make it lie in a v-shape, simply clip on a pendant. The weight of the pendant will keep it in the right shape for your shirt. The pendant shouldn’t hide under your shirt so choose wisely! You could also choose a pendant that mimics the neckline.

What jewellery, What neckline

This is not to say that you can’t wear a longer necklace with a shorter neckline. Grab a long necklace, clip on a tassel or bold pendant and there you go! You can still make that long length work for you!

You’re not only limited to necklaces here… there’s a whole selection of jewellery pieces that you pair with this neckline too! If you’ve got your short necklace on, pair it with subtle studs because the necklace is closer to your jawline. If you don’t feel like wearing a necklace, you can go bolder with your earrings and make a statement! Stacks of bracelets could also be part of your v-neck style arsenal – just layer them on and have your cell phone ready for some selfies!

What jewellery, What neckline

Watch this space for the next What jewellery, What neckline post…

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