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Who made my jewellery?

Just take a second today to think of where your jewellery was made. Look at the necklace that lies so close to your heart and the rings that you slip onto your digits every day. Do you know where the journey started? Is it transparent? Do you know who poured the metal to create your much-loved masterpiece or who painstakingly threaded your pearls?


A fashion revolution

In today’s world, more of us are becoming aware of the processes and the people who are involved in manufacturing our fashion, and in our case, our jewellery. We stroll into store, find something we love, and we very often don’t think about what has happened for this bracelet to get into your little shopping bag. Many companies and brands don’t even really know where their products are being made. How could that be? Well, according to Fashion Revolution (read more about what Fashion Revolution are doing for consumers on their website, the vast majority of fashion brands do not own their manufacturing facilities, making it difficult to monitor or control their supply chain. A brand can order from a wide range of suppliers, who then use suppliers of their own and so on. Brands also run the risk of using a supplier where the working conditions are not suitable for any employee. You just never know. It’s an unknown spiral of hands exchanging with other hands.

So now you may be wondering, why all the negativity people? Yes, this can easily be seen as something negative, but now that brands are putting the spotlight on transparency, we are bringing awareness to the cause. Transparency means that brands know exactly where their products are coming from and even more so, who made them. So, this is where Miglio comes in.


Made in Miglio

At Miglio, we follow an open and honest transparency policy where each and every process is all done under one roof! Yes, that’s right. All in one factory in Cape Town, from the metal department straight through to our marketing department. We do this because we believe in communicating with the consumer out there, because we are certain that many of us have all been in a situation where we weren’t 100% sure where our jewellery was made. Not only are we helping the consumer, but in a country which is facing a 27% unemployment rate, we seek to create awareness about responsible production, we are committed to sustainability and the future, seeking to uplift our local community whilst supporting the environment. We believe in quality over quantity, and not mass produced jewellery. Each Swarovski crystal is glued in by hand, each pearl is lovingly threaded to create a necklace or bracelet and all our metal is dipped and buffed to ensure the best quality there is to offer.


Step up to the plate

We are wanting to make waves locally and internationally to get other brands to step up to the plate and also make an effort for transparency in their production, after all, in today’s day and age, engagement and content sharing is the norm so why not make it even more honest, more open and more sustainable. We, along with Fashion Revolution, want you to be able to answer the question, who made my jewellery?



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